White and Bright: Putting the Finishing Touch on Your Teeth

Smiling Women on BeachYour teeth are straight. They’re healthy. But they’re slightly yellow. Maybe it’s all the coffee you’ve been drinking, or simply years and years of use. The point of the matter is you want them to be as white as if they were new or photoshopped.

Although there are many at-home options to whiten your teeth, the fastest and most effective method is actually at your dentist’s office. If you are willing to pay a couple hundred dollars to your dentist (most procedures aren’t covered by insurance, as they aren’t medically necessary), an in-office whitening is right for you.

Why Should You Go to the Dentist?

Although there are many cheaper options for you to do at home, if you want something more effective and lasting, you should talk to your dentist. Granted, this does not mean that your teeth will look like new after the process—especially if they dark yellow or even brown or black beforehand. There is only so much the dentist can do, but he or she will not only be able to do more than store-bought strips, but the process itself will be faster.

This quick result is because the bleach used in-office is much stronger than that in most regular products. The dentist is able to give your gums and mouth extra protection from the chemicals, allowing him or her to administer hydrogen peroxide in high concentrations. While at-home whitening solutions often only have 10-20% concentrate, the stuff your dentist uses can range from 15-43%. That’s twice as strong!

In addition, your dentist can combine the hydrogen peroxide with other treatments, such as custom-made molds, heat, lights, or lasers. This shortens the treatment time. Although you will probably want more than one treatment, you will be able to see results after just one treatment of about an hour or less.

Essentially, your dentist can use stronger chemical solutions in conjunction with other technologies only found in office to really customize your whitening experience. This means that your teeth will be shades lighter in no time at all!

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