Patients say the darndest things!

“I hate the dentist, no offense to you or anything.”

As a dentist a pretty common thing I hear from my patients is “I hate the dentist, no offense to you or anything.”  Maybe I should be offended but I’m not.  I know what they mean-that they don’t enjoy the experience or maybe they didn’t like a particular dentist from their past.  Sometimes it’s just the anticipation of what’s to come even though they usually leave saying “that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”  Well I will not forget when my patient recently sat in the chair and said “I love being here, I could stay all day!”  He said it was a time for him to sit back and relax after a tough day at work.  I have to admit I was surprised, but I really shouldn’t have been-he had his favorite music playing (the Allman Brothers), laughing gas was flowing and he even had the option to watch whatever he wanted on TV.  We really do strive to make our patients feel comfortable and relaxed.  If we see you often enough we will remember what your favorite music is and have it playing in the room before you sit down.  We also encourage you to bring your own headphones and MP3 Player if it will help you to relax.  It is our goal for all of our patients to feel comfortable and enjoy their experience with us at Doctors of Dental Medicine!  And that’s why today we rarely hear that dreaded sentence, instead, what we hear more often than not is, “I love going to the dentist!”

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