Lions, Tigers and Puppies? Oh My!

How wild African beasts helped some local puppies.

This past March my fiancé, Vincent, and I traveled to Africa to go on a safari in Tanzania.  We were lucky enough to take some pictures of wildlife there.  We saw lions and leopards in the Serengeti, one cheetah, black rhinos and beautiful birds at the Ngorongoro Crater, hippos and a lot of baboons at Lake Manyara, and thousands of elephants at Tarangire.

When I showed everyone at the office the pictures we took, Dr. Hirschlag had a great idea; let’s have a fundraiser to raise money for the organization APAW, which is the Animal Placement Agency of the Windsors.  We chose 6 of the best photographs and hung them on our gallery wall in the office for all of our patients to view on their way through the office.  If anyone wanted an 8×10 photo to take home and frame for themselves, we asked for a $10 donation to APAW and the office agreed to match all donations that were made.

Many of our patients and staff loved the pictures and contributed to our fundraiser.  As a result, we made a donation of $500 to APAW!  The money raised will be used to provide homeless dogs with a safe haven and to provide medical attention to the dogs until they were adopted.  So the puppies say thank you; and so does Doctors of Dental Medicine!

Shannon Wardrop, RDA

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