Taking Care of Your Dentures

Tooth replacement devices need extra care and your dentures are no exception. Here at our South Brunswick dental practice, we encourage denture users to apply the following basics of denture care.

1. Handle dentures with care.

Dentures are quite fragile hence the need for you to be extra careful when handling them. When you have your dentures on, avoid using toothpicks, hard brushes, or strong cleaners which could potentially damage them.

2. Take them out before going to bed.

If taking them out at night isn’t possible, consider removing them for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. This will give your gum tissues enough time to recover. When giving your dentures with metal clasps a break, soak them in warm water. If they don’t, you can use a special cleanser or a solution made with one part vinegar and one part water solution.

3. Treat them as if they’re real teeth by cleaning them daily.

Like real teeth, dentures could build up plaque and tartar. With lots of plaque build-up, gum disease is just around the corner. Special brushes designed for cleaning dentures and mild toothpastes can be used to get rid of plaque and food particles.

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