South Brunswick Dentistry: 10 Signs That You Should See Us As Soon As You Can!

By and large, oral health does not get the same attention as other aspects of one’s health.  However, this shouldn’t be the case as regular dental visits could actually help you from serious health problems in the future as well as save you from spending a fortune for very complex dental procedures. If you’re still not convinced about visiting our South Brunswick dental practice regularly, the following signs and symptoms should be your cue to set up an appointment with us!

  • you have problems chewing and swallowing
  • your teeth are sensitive to either hot or cold
  • you have chronic bad breath and/or have that bad taste in your mouth
  • your gums tend to be puffy, red, and bleed often
  • you jaw pops or is painful when you’re chewing and/or you have an uneven bite
  • your mouth is extremely dry often
  • you are pregnant
  • you currently have diabetes, HIV positive, or an eating disorder
  • you have sores or white spots in your mouth that doesn’t seem to go away
  • you are undergoing hormone replacement therapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or any treatment that could affect the status of your gums and teeth

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At Doctors of Dental Medicine, we build relationships that last for generations. We provide services for the entire family and strive for an enjoyable experience for all. Our dentists are dedicated to their profession. They challenge themselves to keep abreast of emerging technology and knowledge, and then master these to the absolute best of their ability. Get in touch with us by calling 732-329-3113 or by filling out this contact form! We look forward to helping improve your smile!


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