Oral Health Concerns for Expectant Moms

Expectant moms are often advised to be more mindful of their health and oral health is not an exception. Here at our South Brunswick dental practice, we encourage expectant moms to regularly visit us as pregnancy brings forth a lot of changes to one’s oral health.

A common misconception amongst women who are conceiving is that dental visits may potentially harm their child. The truth is it’s perfectly safe to see your dentist while you’re pregnant unless your OB-Gyne tells you that it’s a high-risk pregnancy or you have an existing medical condition. Be sure to let us know if your doctor gave your specific health advice associated with your oral health.

When you’re an expectant mom, the following are the most common oral health concerns that you should be aware of:

Gingivitis – Some women develop “pregnancy gingivitis” from sudden hormonal shifts while they’re conceiving. Gums may bleed, swell, and could lead to serious forms of gum disease when left untreated.

Medication Concerns – You may be prescribed with medications such as antibiotics and painkillers. Discuss with your dentist and physician the adverse effects of these drugs and how it could affect your pregnancy. 

X-ray Exposure – Although most X-rays nowadays have extremely low radiation levels, it still pays to take measures to avoid exposure as much as possible. If you have a dental emergency or need to have a dental problem figured out, you can request for leaded aprons and thyroid collars to shield you and your baby from radiation.

Are you expecting and having problems with your oral health? Let us help you out! At Doctors of Dental Medicine, we build relationships that last for generations. We provide services for the entire family and strive for an enjoyable experience for all. Get in touch with us by calling 732-329-3113 or by filling out this contact form! We look forward to helping improve your smile!


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