How Wise Are You When It Comes to Wisdom Teeth?

By and large, wisdom teeth will typically appear between the ages of 17 and 27. They’re called as wisdom teeth because people are supposed to be wiser by then. Wisdom teeth often find themselves at the farthest back of your upper and lower jaws as your fourth molars. Here at our South Brunswick dental practice, we get a lot of questions on whether a wisdom tooth should be removed or not. Let’s find out below!

To Remove or Not?

During your initial consultation with one of our dentists, the status and placement of your teeth will be assessed. We recommend wisdom tooth removal with the presence of the following:

  • damage to adjacent teeth
  • infection
  • pain
  • gum disease
  • cysts and tumors
  • extreme cases of tooth decay

In some cases, we may recommend tooth removal to prevent future problems or as part of a restorative or orthodontic dental treatment plan. On the other hand, if your wisdom teeth are not bothering you at all and is far from causing future dental problems, it is still important to have it monitored during regular dental visits. 

Got some wisdom tooth problems? Get in touch with us by calling 732-329-3113 or by filling out this contact form. At Doctors of Dental Medicine, we build relationships that last for generations. We provide services for the entire family and strive for an enjoyable experience for all. We look forward to helping improve your smile!


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