Are You Ready for a Discussion of Sensitive Issues?

We will be discussing quite a sensitive issue today. A sensitive teeth issue discussion to be specific. Tooth sensitivity, by and large, is a periodic problem for majority of our clients here at our South Brunswick dental practice. For some, contact with extremely hot or cold foods could trigger pain while simply biting down could already make others wince in pain! 

What Causes the Pain?

By and large, the enamel is that outermost layer of your teeth which protects the structures beneath it — the cementum, dentin, and the microscopic hollowed tubes beneath it. When the enamel and cementum are worn off, the dentin is exposed allowing the heat, cold, or the pressure of food particles to reach the nerves deep within your tooth, resulting to hypersensitivity. 

Treating sensitive teeth depends on its underlying cause. Here at our practice, treatment could range from dental fillings to root canals to prescription of desensitizing toothpastes.

Let us help you deal with sensitive teeth! At Doctors of Dental Medicine, we build relationships that last for generations. We provide services for the entire family and strive for an enjoyable experience for all. Get in touch with us by calling 732-329-3113 or by filling out this contact form! We look forward to helping improve your smile!


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