The Primary Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath – bad when someone else has it, a million times worse when you’re the culprit! If this applies to you, the first thing to understand is that you’re not alone…millions of people suffer from a breath-related issue they’re less than proud of. That is of course cold comfort of the highest order as what really matters is how to treat or ideally get rid of bad breath altogether.

But in order to combat a problem you first need to understand its cause, so what is it that tends to trigger unpleasant breath in the average human adult?

Dirty Mouths

It sounds obvious and it is – a vast proportion of bad breath cases are diagnosed simply as poor oral hygiene issues. According to the ADA for example, a solid 90% of all the bad smells that come out of your mouth originate from the mouth itself, nowhere else. As such, unless you a quite relentless when it comes to cleaning your mouth, your gums AND your tongue twice a day and every day, there’s a good chance your bad breath is your own doing!


It’s less commonly known that dehydration can cause some of the worst bad breath issues of all. Why? It’s simple really – not only does water flush your mouth out and keep it clear of debris, but you also need plenty of water to produce saliva. Saliva kills germs and bacteria, which mean the less saliva you have, the freer the bacteria are to spread and multiply.

Bad Food Choices

And just to finish with another somewhat obvious example, the food you eat will always have a marked effect on your breath…no surprises there. From garlic to onions to cigarettes and all alcohol across the board, if you don’t want your breath to stink to high heaven than you have to be proactive when it comes to the things you’re shoving into it every day.

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