Everyday Bad Breath Cures That Actually Work

What do mints, gum and even mouthwash all have in common? The answer is the way in which they mask bad breath, but do nothing to actually cure it. They’re all a bit like painting over the rust on a car – great temporarily, but pretty soon the nasty stuff will show through again.

This really isn’t idea for the millions of people already paranoid enough about their breath issues, so what can be done to help combat the very source of bad breath on a day to day basis?

Meticulous Hygiene

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but in the majority of cases it comes down to nothing more than poor hygiene in term of what makes breathe stink. According to the American Dental Association, brushing and flossing on a near-obsessive basis really will not do a thing for bad breath unless you accompany it with a good brushing and scraping of the tongue…and you need to go pretty far back too! It might sound patronizing to offer this kind of rudimentary oral hygiene advice, but studies show that most Americans do not in fact brush properly…it’s a fact!

Lots and Lots of Water

Dry mouths are breeding grounds for bacteria as in order to get your mouth needs a very, very precise balance. You can make this happen by drinking plenty of water and never allowing yourself to get too thirsty. Without water to flush your mouth, any food debris lying around will go rotten and putrid in no time at all…nice!!

Focus on the Night

And finally, it’s common to neglect nighttime brushing a little. After all – it’s not like you’re going out in public or eating in the night, right? Wrong – during the night you produce less saliva than at any other time of the day, you drink little to nothing and it’s not like you can chew gum. As such, even the tiniest bits and pieces you miss before going to bed will be the time the morning arrives have festered into something disgusting and will leave you with a stink you cannot get rid of!

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