General Dentistry South Brunswick, presents the Doctors of Dental Medicine.

At Doctors of Dental Medicine, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive, comfortable and completely customized dental experience. You’ll relax and listen to your choice of music during your visit. You’ll feel totally at ease with our family of friendly, attentive and highly experienced dental professionals while receiving the most advanced preventive, surgical and cosmetic procedures. And, you’ll leave feeling amazed that any dental visit could go so well and so quickly.

Doctors of Dental Medicine.

Experience a new age of dental comfort.


“Our purpose is to provide and deliver the most appropriate dental health care possible to all of our patients. We hope to improve our patients’ overall health and consequently enhance the quality of their life. We will strive to change our patients’ perception of dentistry so that they will not only be appreciative of the care they receive, but will look forward to their next visit.”

State-of-the-art Technology

Our digital x-ray system (both panoramic and individual intra-oral x-rays) are taken without conventional radiographic film. Instead, the images are captured like conventional x-rays, but in a digital format. This digital format is scanned into the computer and can be stored and viewed in each patients personal computer chart. These x-ray images can be greatly enlarged and enhanced to show more detail and information than radiographs on film. The sensitive ‘plates’ used to capture the image are also more comfortable than traditional film and require less exposure than conventional x-rays, thus significantly minimizing the exposure to radiaition. The images can be printed instantly if our patients require a ‘hard’ copy or they can be sent via email.

We also have a digital intra-oral camera system which can take detailed pictures inside the mouth, allowing patients to visualize areas that were previously inaccessible to view. Our ability to diagnose and, more important, communicate with our patients is greatly enhanced. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Our laser is a state-of-the-art tool which facilitates certain delicate oral surgical procedures. Treatment with the laser results in virtually no post-operative bleeding and greatly reduced post-operative discomfort.



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