After the Operation – Reducing Recovery Times

Dental Recovery TimeEvery dental procedure has its own unique recovery process, of course. But there are things you can do regardless of the procedure you have had to hasten your recovery, just as there are things you can do or neglect to do that will slow it down.

Here are some tips for a smooth recovery.

Soft foods
Be a softy to the inside of your mouth. While this may seem obvious — who wants to eat stick pretzels after having periodontal surgery — but some people can’t resist the urge to eat a few chips and the like. If you want a quicker recovery, you need to stay with a soft diet.

Avoid acids
Again, this may seem obvious, but highly acidic foods such as citrus and recipes heavy on vinegar need to be off the menu. They won’t necessarily hurt your recovery, but they will hurt your operation sites.

Careful cleaning
You will have instructions on how to keep your treated areas clean, but this is no time to be a clean freak. Overbrushing or using a strong mouthwash will do more harm than good.

Beat the grind
If you grind your teeth at night, this is the quickest way to ensure the procedure you just had will probably need to be repeated much sooner than it should be. Grinding is detrimental to all parts of your teeth and your bite. If you can’t beat it, at least wear a mouthguard while sleeping.

Don’t touch!
It’s impossible not to run your tongue over areas that have been treated, but it doesn’t help things. So, feel them a couple times and then try and keep your tongue away.

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