Three Benefits of Dental Implants

More stock images - 023Having dental implants put in to replace a missing tooth or teeth may seem like a long, painful process, but the end result is worth the time. Here are some amazing benefits that dental implants can bring:

  1. No more sticky creams or gels

Unlike dentures, implants are anchored into the jawbone with titaniium posts that replace the tooth roots. Once implanted, the bone grows gradually around these posts, stabilizing the foundation of the implant. Thanks to these anchors, the artificial tooth or teeth that attach to them behave exactly as your natural teeth did. No need for adhesives to keep dentures in place.

  1. No harm done on the gums

Since they are anchored into the jawbone and do not rest on the gums, dental implants do not cause the gum friction that dentures do. Dentures can irritate the gums when a person speaks or eats often causing mouth ulcers and white patches on the gums.

  1. Natural teeth are protected

Another alternative to implants are fixed bridges. However, bridges make use of other teeth to hold the appliance in place. As a result, supporting teeth are easily susceptible to the buildup of plaque that can lead to decay and other more serious dental problems. Since dental implants do not rely on neighboring teeth, the buildup of plaque becomes less of an issue.

Dental Implants in South Brunswick, New Jersey

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