What Kinds of Foods do Pro Dentists Avoid?

They say that if you want to know how to do something properly, you follow the examples of the experts. So in terms of oral health and hygiene, what are the foods that most dentists would admit they either approach with caution or stay away from altogether?

Soda…Diet Included

It’s no secret that sugary soft drinks like to torture the living hell out of your teeth – sadly the same can also be said for most diet sodas. Even those with no sugar at all can be loaded with acid and play havoc with your enamel.

Hard Candies

It’s a bit of a catch 22 situation with hard candies – there’s no genuinely safe way of eating one! Suck on it gently and you flood your mouth with sugar and acid for a long enough period of time to cause real damage, but chomp on the thing and you might break your teeth or damage your gums. Moderation is therefore crucial.

Ice Cubes

Ok so there aren’t any unhealthy ingredients in ice – actually there aren’t any ingredients in it at all! However, the vast majority of dentists advise their patients never to fall into the habit of chomping down on ice cubes, as they can be hard enough to shatter weakened teeth.

Corn Cobs

Come on…surely not? Sadly so, though in the vast majority of cases you’ll be fine as long as you’re careful. The advice with corn cobs is to never get too carried away, never to go near them if you have damaged teeth and to stay well clear if you have braces or bridgework.

Potato Chips

And finally, another global favorite dentists advise caution against is the humble potato chip. As for why, it all comes down to the way chips are notorious for leaving tiny and very sticky particles between the teeth and around the mouth’s hidden corners – all of which can soon become rotten and infested with plaque bacteria.

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