Tooth Staining Drinks – The Worst Culprits of All

There are certain foods and drinks that stain your teeth more than any others, but does this mean you need to quit them entirely? Of course not – if we only spent life doing what was 100% good for us the world would be a pretty boring place to say the least!

Instead, it’s all about sensible moderation and realizing that if you get carried away, it’s your own fault if your teeth start to edge toward a hue you’re not too happy with. So to prevent this from happening, be sure to approach the following with caution:

Black Tea

The darker and richer in color a drink is the more color it will add to your teeth…in a bad way. Black tea is a primary example – just thing how powerful tea can be as dying other things and you’ll get a feel for what it’s doing to your teeth.

Black Coffee

Pretty much exactly the same as the above – the darker the coffee, the bigger the stain left behind. You can of course make things a little better by drinking weaker coffee or adding plenty of cream.


Yes, the old favorite that has a habit of showing its work almost immediately after drinking it anyway – red wine is in some cases a bit like drinking pure dye. Admittedly it’s a natural dye and quite delicious, but the rich red color does not in fact bode well with teeth whitening efforts.

White Wine

Seriously…white as well? We’re afraid so, for the simple reason that white wine has a habit of being hugely acidic and can therefore leave your teeth wide open to attack. Drink a good dose of white wine and whatever you put in your mouth next will be taking no prisoners at all.

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