Signs You Need to Switch Dental Practitioners

Most people after being with the same dentist for a few years or so never even give the slightest thought to moving to another. Why? Well, it’s usually a combination of being somewhat set in a routine and assuming they’re all much of a muchness. But they’re not, in fact the differences between competing dentists these days is literally day and night.

Been wondering whether you might be better of making the switch? Here’s a look at a few signs you might in fact be right:

Growing Waiting Lists

If you’re finding yourself having to wait month on end and waiting lists are getting worse by the day, what makes you think they are EVER going to get any better? Chances are this is never going to happen, so it’s at least worth considering a move to a dentist that’s not in the habit of keeping you waiting.

Painful Procedures

These days, the cliché stereotype of the painful dental procedure is all but ancient history. There are so many ways and means by which a dentist can and should eliminate pain that if you’re finding their approach rather on the painful side, you might be better of heading to a gentler practice.

Accelerating Costs

Of course elite dentistry doesn’t come cheap, but if the costs of anything and everything are going up all the time, there’s a pretty strong chance you’ll get a better deal elsewhere. And what’s more, you need only make a few calls to find out what others are charging.


And finally, sensitive and nervous patients should be treated with all the respect in the world and handled with kid gloves – that’s just the way of doing things in the 21st century. As such, if you’re a genuinely nervous patient but just get the feeling you’re being treated as a statistic like everyone else, you’re gaining nothing by staying loyal to the practice.

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