Mouth Guard for Protection from Tooth Damage

233_2655384Are you familiar with a dental device known as a mouth guard?  You often expect to see mouth guards worn by athletes at events like football games and boxing matches. Mouth guards are simple devices that are worn by people of all experiences to prevent damage to their teeth – either during sports, or also commonly during sleep.

Mouth guards are made of a thin plastic material, that when heated, can be fitted to the unique shape of your teeth and mouth to fit snugly to your teeth.  Mouth guards are inexpensive and can be purchased from many department stores and almost every sporting goods store.  However, if you are not an athlete but have been advised to use a mouth guard for another reason it is important to discuss mouth guards with your dentist before buying one.

If you grind your teeth in your sleep, have TMJ, or some other dental concern such as nighttime jaw clenching or other behaviors that can damage teeth a mouth guard may help your condition.  However, you may be advised to acquire your mouth guard directly from the dentist for a more precise fit.  Mouth guards are also great tools to help protect costly dental restorations and cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers from unintentional damage.

If you believe that a mouth guard may be helpful in meeting your dental care needs contact our office for more information today.

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