Kick Halitosis to the Curb!

shutterstock_130190102You know that feeling? The one where you’re afraid to open your mouth because of your less-than-lovely breath? We’ve all been there. Not only is it embarrassing, but it can put a serious damper on your social life. Gum and mints can only do so much to mask bad breath.

Good news though! Here are a few easy tips you can implement to make sure bad breath doesn’t get in the way and your breath is fresh.
• Stop smoking! We know, you’ve heard it before. Not only is smoking harmful to your heart and lungs, but it also leaves stains on your teeth and can damage your gum tissue. Smoking also increases your risk for oral cancer. Speak with your doctor about using nicotine patches or prescription medications to help you give up tobacco once and for all.

• Avoid the most common offenders. Onions and garlic will linger on your breath even after brushing. The substances in these foods actually break down and make their way into your bloodstream and ultimately into your lungs where you breathe them out. So skip these two foods before your next business meeting or social event.

• Brush your tongue. That’s right, give your tongue a good scrape. The film that forms on its surface can host a wealth of foul smelling bacteria. If your toothbrush isn’t long enough to reach the back of your tongue, invest in a scraper. They are specially designed to apply just the right amount of pressure to remove bacteria, leftover food, and dead cells.

• Last, and perhaps more importantly, brush and floss more often. Plaque, that sticky film that forms on the surfaces in your mouth, is a prime cause of bad breath. Food trapped between your teeth adds to the problem as well. Be sure you’re brushing at least twice a day to keep halitosis at bay.

Do you have more questions about fighting your bad breath? Give us a call at 732-329-3113 to schedule an appointment with our team at Doctors of Dental Medicine.

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