Keeping Teeth Clean Between Brushes

It’s a well-known fact that everyone’s occasionally guilty of neglecting their oral health. However, when it comes to juggling a busy lifestyle and struggling to make room for everything as it is, it’s easy to see why the vast majority tend to go much of the day without giving a second thought to their teeth. Morning and evening brushing routines are following religiously, but as for the rest of the day…well; let’s just say there’s room for improvement!

So with this in mind, here’s an overview of just a few of the good habits you should try and get yourself into for the sake of your teeth and gums:

Chewing Gum

The best friend of teeth and gums above most other daily treats, chewing gum can be a Godsend between brushed. The reason being that the chewing action produces more saliva which is the mouth’s number-one defense against all nastiest. The more you chew, the more your produce and the more the threats are neutralized. Of course, sugar free gum is a must!

Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water is also important, not because the water will actually clean your teeth, but more for its hydrating properties. You cannot produce sufficient saliva to keep your mouth clean if you don’t have enough water in your body – getting dehydrated will wreak havoc on you from head to toe…your mouth included.

Harder Fruit and Raw Veg

From carrots to apples to celery and really anything else hard, chomping down on something healthy and crunchy actually helps to physically clean your teeth of any plaque and general grime that’s been building up since your last brush.


And finally, it’s really not difficult to carry one of those tiny little single-serving bottles of mouthwash around with you and give your mouth a properly protective rinse from time to time. They cost nothing, they take seconds to use and the difference made can and will be huge.

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