Keeping Breath Fresh Between Brushes

Bad breath is something that pretty much everyone the world over both fears and resents. You hate it when someone else is blowing the stuff in your face and it’s even worse when you get the feeling it’s you that’s causing the air pollution. But here’s the thing – it’s not as if you can just nip home three times a day to give your mouth a full and proper clean, so what’s the best way of keeping breath fresh between brushes all day long?

Use Quality Products

Well, first of all you need to be sure to use quality products in the morning and evening. There are some pastes and mouthwashes that carry on killing bacteria for hours and hours after being used – these are the kinds you should be on the lookout for.

Chew Gum

The thing about gum is if you get in the habit of chewing it all day and refresh the piece in your mouth as soon as its flavor has been and gone, it’s almost impossible to have bad breath. And what’s more, buy a gum with zero sugar and plenty of tooth-friendly ingredients and you’ll be doing yourself a world of good at the same time!


One of the biggest and most common causes of bad breath is poor hydration. The reason being that when your body and mouth are deprived of water, there’s nothing there to fight those horrible bacteria so they are free to spread and multiply…nice!

Watch What you Eat

And finally, it’s hardly a secret that what you eat and drink will have a marked impact on the freshness of your breath. You know you really shouldn’t be eating things like raw onions, garlic and certain types of fish if planning to woo your office squeeze in an hour, but by contrast something like an apple, some celery or a few herbs here and there can work wonders.

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