It’s Time to Change Your Toothbrush!

shutterstock_237562723We’ve all been there. Frayed bristles on your toothbrush, splayed in every direction, even poking you in the gums. Yet, remembering to pick up a new one at the store slips your mind t!ime and time again.

Those are obvious signs it’s time to get a new toothbrush, but you should really have a new toothbrush much more often. In fact, you should replace your brush at least every 3 months!! Do you have any idea how many bacteria live on a toothbrush? Researches have suggested as many as 10 million germs and bacteria could be found on a single toothbrush. Who wants to p!ut that in their mouth twice a day?!

Toothbrushes should also be replaced after the user has been ill. Germs and bacteria find a cozy home and can live in those bristles for weeks! This rule applies to all types of toothbrushes, including powered models.

Toothbrush care doesn’t end with regular replacements. Here are a few more tips for general toothbrush care:
• Never share your toothbrush. It may seem like you are helping a friend or family member, but it could place both of you at risk of infection. This tip is especially important if you have a compromised immune system or are already ill.
• Leave the cover off. It is okay to travel with your toothbrush in an enclosed, protective container. However, daily storage should be in an open air environment, where the brush can dry out completely between uses.
• Place the toothbrush in a container where it can stand upright. If several brushes are stored in the same container, be sure they don’t touch to avoid cross-contamination.

Can’t remember when you last changed your toothbrush? Then it’s certainly time to get a new one. Look for a brush with color-changing bristles, which signal the user when thee bristles have worn out. Or you might also want to make it a habit to change your toothbrush with the s!easons. The first day of each new season is an easy trigger to help you remember.

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