How to Color Your Teeth Anything But White

If you want white teeth for life, the sad truth is that there are certain things you’ll have to willing to abstain from. Well, maybe ‘abstain’ is a bit of a severe word, but you’ll for sure have to enjoy them in very limited quantities if you don’t want to undo all the hard work your beloved dentist did on perfecting your smile.

Sodas…Almost All of Them

There are so many ways in which sodas and get to work attacking your teeth. There are those that are loaded with sugar, others that have less sugar but more acid and then there are others with so many colorings it’s like swilling a jar of paint around your pearly-whites. A few sodas on the market are designed to be tooth-kind – these are your friends!


That’s right – now we’re taking aim at things like pasta sauce, some ketchups and soy sauce – all of which are so deeply colored that they will impact your teeth if you gorge on them. Just think of it this way – if they’ll leave a stain on your brilliant white tablecloth, your teeth are also fair game!


Pickles in every shape and variety can be supremely health and delicious, so don’t feel the need to stay away from them entirely. However, do be aware of the fact that when you load your mouth up with vinegar or any kind of acid, it literally opens up the surface of your teeth to attack and makes them more susceptible to staining. After eating anything like this, drink plenty of water or chew gum.


And finally, when you put that lollipop in your mouth that turns your tongue a humorous shade of blue, what on Earth do you think it’s doing to your nice white teeth?

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