Foods That Offer Natural Tooth Whitening

Most people turn to the market’s weird and wonderful chemicals and creams to make their teeth turn the glorious shade of white they’re looking for. Professional dental procedures are of course more effective and safer, but at the same time you can do your mouth a favor by more carefully choosing the foods you eat every day.

Here’s an overview of a few foods that can actually help whiten your teeth naturally:


Not only to apples scrub your teeth as you eat them, but they are also a good source of malice acid. These days, there are quite a few toothpastes that include malice acid for its saliva inducing properties, so consider apples something of a pocket tooth-cleaning kit in their own right!


What makes pineapple special is that it is the only food you will find that contains brome lain naturally. Studied far and wide by dental professionals, brome lain has proved effective as a safe and natural stain remover for teeth.


Why broccoli? Well, not only is broccoli a bit like an apple in that it gives your teeth a good scrub, but it is also loaded with both fiber and iron which you teeth and mouth need to build better defenses. But just for the record, this applies mostly to raw broccoli as once it’s cooked; it’s a bit too soft to have any real tooth cleaning properties!


Last but not least, if you thought those sweet and succulent raisins were bad for your teeth, think again. Research has shown that when you add raisins to a breakfast cereal, the combination of the two has a much more powerful cleaning effect than the cereal on its own. What’s more, the fact that they need quite a bit of chewing means you’ll produce much more saliva and thus defend your teeth from stains naturally.

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