Foods That Actually Clean Your Teeth

We all know that there are certain foods that are bad for your teeth and others that cause no harm at all…not much, anyway. However, what few seem to realize is that there are in fact plenty of foods out there that go one step further by actually cleaning your teeth as you eat them. Of course, you won’t get away with quitting brushing altogether, but when it comes to caring for your teeth all day and every day, there are certain foods and drinks that are always in your corner.

Green Tea

For example, certain green teas contain all manner of wonderful herbs, extracts and generally beneficial ingredients that to some extent serve as a mouthwash when you drink them! Regular black tea by contrast can be somewhat staining, so be wary of the choices you make.


It may not feel like the soft, rich and creamy stuff is doing your teeth a world of good, but it is. Not only is the soft texture gentle on gums and the low acidity kind to your mouth in general, but dairy products are also loaded with the healthy calcium your teeth are crying out for.

Fresh Fruit

There are plenty of fresh fruits that actually scrub your teeth physically as you eat, which can be brilliant as a protective measure between meals. The same also applies to raw vegetables like carrots, cucumber and pretty much anything else cold and crisp you can sink your teeth into.


Last but not least, you can also do your mouth a favor by chomping down on crisp and fresh nuts from time to time as part of a healthy diet. Sadly, this doesn’t mean the candy-coated nuts you might be fond of or those loaded with salt – fresh, natural and healthy nuts only!

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