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There are two types of people in the US today – those that have white teeth and those that would like whiter teeth. White teeth aren’t necessarily a sign of good health but they are very desirable nonetheless, which is precisely why millions are searching high and low for the secret. Of course, treatments are always an option and the things we can do with medical science these days are incredible.

However, there are so many ways and means by which anyone can help keep their teeth nice and whit day in and day out – a few examples are as follows:

Use Whitening Pastes

Don’t ever be fooled into thinking any toothpaste you buy for $3 is going to immediately leave you with a brilliant white smile…it’s impossible. However, there is some great whitening toothpaste on the market that builds a cumulative effect over time and will make a difference if you stick with them.

Chew Whitening Gum

In a similar vein, most of the biggest gum brands out there now offer gum with all manner of active ingredients including xylitol. In most cases they won’t do a great deal to make your teeth much whiter, but in terms of stain prevention they are simply brilliant!

Avoid Certain Foods and Drinks

We won’t go into the full list here, but suffice to say there are tons of foods and drinks that have been proven to stain teeth worse than any others. From tea to coffee to beetroot and so many more, the vast majority is blindingly obvious and will stain pretty much anything they come into contact with.

Quit Smoking!

And finally…easier said than done as it may be…smoking is the worst thing in the world for staining teeth and making your mouth a mess in general. So if you haven’t already kicked the habit, consider this your wake-up call to get started with your efforts sooner rather than later!

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