Even More Foods That Help Keep Teeth Clean…The List Goes On!

If you can get yourself into one or two good habits when it comes to the foods you eat and the drinks you consume, you can do your oral hygiene a real favor for the whole of the day, every day. And what’s more, it’s not as if the foods and drinks that are good for your mouth are in any way unpleasant.

Can looking after your teeth and gums really be a pleasure? It sure can – take a look at the following examples just for starters:


Everybody loves the taste of herbs…or at least one or two of their favorite herbs, anyway. Herbs like mint, cilantro and parsley are just brilliant for oral hygiene as they not only deliver a huge burst of freshness, but they also prompt more saliva production and are extremely good for overall health.


Seeds have a mildly abrasive effect on the teeth and gums which helps to remove plaque and any other buildup that really shouldn’t be there. Sesame seeds for example are considered some of the best, but again you really don’t want to be going for those coated in sugar syrup…sadly!

Whole Grain Products

From breakfast cereal to packets of snacks and really anything else across the board that’s made from whole grain, if it’s crunchy and crisp then you can rest assures it’s doing your mouth a favor. Just be careful if you happen to suffer from sensitive gums!

Animal Protein

And finally, it’s not as if chomping down on a steak or fried egg is going to immediately clean your mouth or freshen your breath, but animal protein sources like these are loaded with phosphorus and your teeth are absolutely dependent on the stuff to get by.

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