Dental Myths Debunked

Here’s a couple of priceless dental myths you might of heard of, along with an explanation as to why they’re pure garbage:

Myth – Oral Health Among Kids is Terrible

In reality, kids these days have better teeth and general oral health than at any other point in history. The only problem being is that you’re much more likely to read and hear about the say 30% of kids with oral health problems than the 70% that are just fine! And what’s more, the figure is improving every year!

Myth – White Teeth Are a Sign of Health

Totally wrong, for the plain and simple fact that teeth are not naturally white – never have been and never will be! It’s us humans that somewhere along the lines decided that teeth look better when bright white…which they do…which in turn means that when it comes to health, perfectly healthy teeth can be anything but white and seriously unhealthy teeth can be made to look quite brilliant.

Myth – Everyone Should Visit a Dentist Every Six Months

This is the rule of thumb most go by, but is in fact quite misleading. The reason being is that it is up to your dentist to tell you and you alone when you should come back for a checkup. The might want to see you in three months, six months or even 18-months if you don’t have any problems in the meantime.

Myth – Brushing Milk Teeth is Optional

Some don’t bother brushing milk teeth because they’re going to fall out anyway, but by not doing so you also end up putting the child’s general oral health at risk. And what’s more, the earlier you begin instilling good habits, the better.

Myth – We’ll All Need False Teeth One Day

And just to round off on a positive note, it’s worth bearing in mind that back in the late 60s, 37% of older adults had to be fitted with false teeth. As of 2000, the figure was more like 11% – look after your teeth and they will look after you for life!

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