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Have you ever heard of dental tape? Do you know what Super Floss is or how it works?  Is all that you know is that your standard dental floss is no longer effective at removing debris from between your teeth?  Every year more and more dental care products are introduced into the market and flossing implements are no different.

If you find that traditional floss bunches between your teeth or shreds too easily, you may benefit from a new type of floss known as dental tape. Dental tape is very similar to traditional waxed floss, but is wider, allowing it to glide more easily between tightly spaced teeth.

If you have braces and traditional floss simply does not work effectively, maybe you should consider a product known as Super Floss. Super Floss combines regular waxed floss but also a thick spongy material. Rather than just running it between your teeth, you also lace Super Floss through your brackets and wires to remove debris.

For patients who have very sensitive gums or many hard to reach places within their mouths – a water flosser may be beneficial. Water flossers use blasts of water to clear debris from the mouth. However, they do not take the place of regular flossing which is important for maintaining the health of your gums.

To learn more about how to improve your at-home dental care routine contact our office for tips and product recommendations today.

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