Are Tooth-Colored Restorations for Me?

More stock images - 023Fillings, or tooth-colored restorations, are known as composites, since they are made up of fillers and a complex molecular structure of a resin matrix. These composites were first seen in the 1960s and have since been improved upon in areas of color, stability, durability, aesthetic properties, and quality of material handling.

The material for tooth-colored fillings comes in a lot of different shades and is matched to your exact tooth color. There is a high shine to the materials used for the front teeth, while the ones for your back teeth are made for strength. Both look great. Once they are in, they are virtually undetectable.

The current tooth-colored filings are a lot stronger and more like the amalgam or silver restorations. A small filling could even last your whole life, and bigger ones can last for several years. There are certain circumstances which determine how long the filling will last, including the tooth itself (molars experience more force), how the teeth are maintained and cleaned each day, and the size of the filling in relation to the tooth.

Bonded to the remaining tooth structure, tooth-colored restorations differ from silver/amalgam restorations, which are instead locked into the tooth structure. This difference makes the application process of these resin restorations quite simple.

New fillings should feel quite natural, just like your own teeth. Once the anesthesia has worn off, you can feel your teeth and bite down again once more. You shouldn’t really notice that anything has changed. It will be comfortable and smooth. You might go through a period after the restoration is placed where you have some sensitivity to temperature. However, this is temporary, just like with any other restorations that are put on your teeth.

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