Occusal Equilibration — Evening Things Out

For your mental outlook, it’s good to have an even disposition. For your bite, the same is true. High points, whether on teeth or previous restorations, create pressure points that stress your muscles and can lead to serious radiating pain. At the Doctors of Dental Medicine, our solution is occlusal equilibration, a fancy term for evening things out.

Many people have no idea that their bite is uneven. All they know is that they have pain in the form of headaches, neck pain, or jaw pain. Often this pain involves the elevator joint, where your lower jaw hinges up and down when opening your mouth and chewing.

Determining your bite

dental careWe have a variety of different ways to determine if the biting surfaces of your teeth are meshing together harmoniously. If they are not, then we need to make a mechanical adjustment to your teeth, dentures, bridges, crowns, fillings, or other appliances to allow your lower jaw to function effectively with a minimal amount of strain to the joint, muscles, and teeth.

How we achieve equilibration

For our team to achieve occlusal equilibration we make slight changes in the inclines of the cusps (sharp tips of the back teeth), fillings, crowns, or other restorations. Over time wear on restorations or their adjacent teeth may have created high points. Making these changes is painless and needs no anesthetic. It is more akin to polishing your teeth than doing any drilling.


If you suffer from serious TMJ symptoms, our adjustments toward equilibration, while they will reduce your symptoms, may not fully solve your problem. TMJ treatment may require orthodontic treatment, surgery, or more extensive restorative treatments to alter biting surfaces.

If you’re suffering from pain in your jaw or teeth, you may need occlusal equilibration from the Doctors of Dental Medicine. Call us at 732-329-3113 and let’s check out that bite of yours.

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