Bonding Isn’t Just for the Holidays!

No one’s teeth are perfect. Some of us have teeth with chips and cracks. Some are heavily stained. Others are just not very well aligned.

You could undergo a variety of procedures that could takes months, even years to get the job done. Or you could have the team at the Doctors of Dental Medicine do a little bonding. OK, they already like one another; this is dental bonding!

Dental bonding uses resin, a plastic-like material, to cover or fill dental problems. Bonding is an alternative to more expensive treatments such as porcelain veneers. And it can be an alternative in cases such as symmetry to long-term orthodontic work.

dental bondingDental bonding can be used to:

• Restore decayed teeth
• Fill large cavities
• Fill tooth cracks and chips
• Brighten heavily discolored teeth
• Protect the tooth root when gums recede
• Improve the symmetry of the teeth
• Fill gaps between the teeth
• Hold veneers and crowns

The benefits of bonding?

  • Cost — Bonding can be an alternative to more expensive procedures such as veneers, crowns, or certain large precious metal fillings. The talented team at Doctors of Dental Medicine can achieve similar results with dental bonding at a lower cost.
  • Ease — With bonding, there is no waiting for fabrication of veneers or a crown. Bonding is done in the office, usually in a single visit.
  • Painless — Since bonding involves placing the bonding material onto your teeth, there is no need for any anesthesia.

Although now the big name in bonding is in the theaters, call us at the Doctors of Dental Medicine, 732-329-3113, and let us introduce you to dental bonding.

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