Protect Your Teeth from Bruxism

DermaFuzeMany people suffer from bruxism, teeth grinding, and don’t even know it. Because teeth grinding usually occurs at night during sleep, it’s usually a partner who hears the grinding. While occasional teeth grinding affects most people and doesn’t usually cause harm, excessive and constant teeth grinding will eventually damage your teeth.


The effects of bruxism

Teeth grinding can cause a tooth fracture, loosening of a tooth, or tooth loss. In severe cases, the grinding may substantially erode your teeth. Worse still is the possibility of jaw damage. This condition can lead to hearing loss, temporomandibular joint disorder, and a significant change in the look of your face.


Stop that annoying chatter

To protect the teeth from grinding, dentists usually fit bruxism patients with a mouth guard to be worn during sleep. It is also important to treat the root cause of the problem. For instance, stress could be the reason behind your bruxism. To alleviate this, you will have to do activities that can reduce your stress levels. Stress counseling, exercise, or taking relaxants may be recommended by your dentist.


You dentist may also instruct you to avoid caffeinated food and beverages, such as colas, coffee, and chocolate.


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